Maryland State Society Of 
To contact MSSO:

PO Box 868
Columbia, Maryland 21044

                                           To get a prompt response please contact
                                            Dr. T. Scott Jenkins                               
                             You may also contact a Board member on the Home page

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                                                             David Bonebreak          2017
                                                             Lara Minahan                2016
                                                             Tarun (Ty) Saini            2015
                                                             David Harmon               2014
                                                             Jeffrey Jarvis                 2013
                                                             Byron Bonebreak          2012
                                                             Chris Liang                    2011
                                                             Ramesh Sardana          2010
                                                             Stuart Josell                  2009
                                                             Barbara Halpern           2008


                    AAO House of Delegates
              AAO Trustee
              Past President (MASO)

            Dr. Steven Siegel

               Devlin Award Recipient
               AAO Council On Membership Ethics & Judicial Concerns

                 Dr. Henry DiLorenzo

                            MSSO Immediate Past President
                           MASO Secretary
                       AAO Council on Governmental Affairs 

           Dr. Tarun "Ty" Saini

                             MASO Past President
                    MSSO Past President

                        Dr. Lawrence Wang

                AAO Past President
                Devlin Award Recipient

                Dr. Frederick Preis

                     AAO Past President
                     Devlin Award Recipient
                     Martin "Bud" Schulman Award

                     Dr. Robert J. Bray

                      Devlin Award Recipient

                      Passed away June 30, 2017

                      Dr. Robert T. Scott

       Editor of the Award Winning MASO Journal
       Devlin Award Recipient

       Dr. Robert E. Williams

        Devlin Award Recipient

           Dr. Joseph Seipp

                Devlin Award Recipient
             AAO President
              ADA Advisory Committee
              Rapid Response Committee
              Policy Review Committee
               Dr. Nahid Maleki
  Past President 

Dr. Phil Markin

        President CDABO            
        AAO Council on Orthodontic Practice

        Dr. Kenneth Hrechka